Roseville Senior Softball - Summer 2022


Rules for using these players are same as stated in Rules.

Please contact Jay Monogue for any changes to this list.

Name Phone Positions Restrictions
Bloom, James 651-735-9255 (H) IF C Summer
Brandon, Grant 651-341-3135 (C) P B and C Summer
Brandt, Laran 612 578-9869 (C) IF B C Summer
Coyne, Barry 651-646-1040 (H) IF D Summer
Engelhardt, Dave 612-269-8303 (C) | 651-493-6864 (H) P, C B summer
Erickson, Tim 928-246-4510 (C) IF B and C Summer
Gall, Steve 651-332-0808 (H) IF B and C Summer
Jackson, Michael 612 619-9528 (C) | 763 420-6127 (H) 1B, 2B, ROV C Summer
Kinsella, Tim 605-310-3542 (C) IF/OF C Summer
Larsen, Bruce 651-357-2427 (C) OF, P B and C Summer
Larson, Brian 612 707-0507 (C) P, 2B, RC OF B and C Summer
Lindstedt, Brock 651 274-9148 (C) | 651 486-9667 (H) Util B C Summer
Mathews, Ken 651 260-6606 (H) IF OF C D Summer
Root, Robb 651-413-5114 (H) IF, P C Summer
Root, Rich 480-216-9145 (C) OF, 1B B C Summer
Schoch, Al 651 728-1545 (H) Util D C B Summer
Tierney, Bill 612-747-0760 (C) OF C Summer
Williams, Tom 763-232-7684 (H) OF C Summer