Roseville Senior Softball - Winter 2018


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Nice play at 3rd (video by Bob Hoffman) [11/29/2017]
Double Play (video by Bob Hoffman) [11/29/2017]
Ground Out! Good play by 2nd baseman (video by Bob Hoffman) [11/17/2017]
Bob Harvey Beats out a single (video by Bob Hoffman) [10/4/2016]
Mike Berg Triples to left center (video by Bob Hoffman) [10/4/2016]
Kyle Satrom The Boy Who Loved Baseball [8/17/2016]
Steve Gall Single to right [1/22/2014]
Jim Duncan Single over short [1/22/2014]
Tom Lundberg Tom Lundberg doubles down the left field line (January 17, 2014) [1/17/2014]
Kerm Ogden Kerm Ogden singles to right field (January 17, 2014) [1/17/2014]
Terry Mens at shortstop No one covers second (January 17, 2014) [1/17/2014]
John Scherek John leads off the game with a double to right [1/13/2014]
Tony Jordan's first inning John, Rudy, Dale, Jerry, Dewey [1/13/2014]
Edrman vs. Duncan Grounder to short; putout at first by Glenn Swanson [11/6/2013]