Roseville Senior Softball - Winter 2020

Roseville Senior Softball is a year-around activity in Minnesota for players of all skill levels. Our league started in 1988 with two teams. We now have over 360 active players, 4 leagues and 25 teams. Players range in age from 51 to 92.

Our Summer Season (May through September) is played Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Roseville and Little Canada. Our Winter Season (November through March) is played in the Stillwater Sports Center Dome.

Our leagues were featured on the CTV North Suburban Beat program in the Summer of 2017. Click on this link to view a video clip about our softball experience.

If you are a softball player interested in participating in our league, please contact Darrell Adkins by email at or by phone at 651-341-8663.

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NEWS for January 24         Update News

'A' League Dome play for Jan 28 -- Due to tournament play next week and the RSSA return from tournament quarantine policy we ask that those that can play show up at 10:00 on Jan 28. We will play 2 games again like we did this past week. For those who have questions on the quarantine policy, it is posted below. [on January 22 by Handevidt]
Found glove A fielders glove was left at the Stillwater dome on Tuesday, January 19th (see picture). It was found on the visitors bench (3rd base line) after the last game of the day. Jay Monogue has it in his possession and he plays the first game on Friday. He will put it in the RSSA storage box after his game. Picture [on January 20 by Adkins ]
Quarantine Policy A player returning from a significant social event (eg. tournament, convention, wedding, etc) or traveling out of state is strongly encouraged to get tested as soon as possible after the event. There is also a required quarantine period of either 7, 10 or 14 days before returning to RSSA league play: 7 days if the player is tested and the result is negative. 10 days if the player chooses not to get tested. 14 days if the player is tested and the result is positive. As a "high risk" population we must be more vigilant than most. We are lucky to be playing at all and must take every conceivable precaution to protect our players. Also the new reported strains are even more contagious (ie: easily transmittable) than the current Covid strain. Thank you for your cooperation. [on January 15 by Adkins]
Larry Herickhoff It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Larry Herickhoff. Larry was in Arizona for the winter. He had an abdominal aneurysm followed by renal failure (kidney failure). That's as much as I know at this time. I will add a link to his obituary here when it is available. [on December 28 by Adkins]

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